7 Years, 30 Times: Dyson Products on JD

7 Years, 30 Times: Dyson Products on JD

by Rachel Liu

Dyson was awarded as one of Top 10 International Brands at JD’s 618 Grand Promotion kick off conference held in Beijing on May 20. Dyson is a long-time partner of JD and the brand’s products are widely welcomed by JD customers. Sales of Dyson products increased 30 times on JD in the past seven years.

As a technology company, Dyson have over 10,000 patents and pending patents around the world. Soon after entering China, Dyson soon worked with JD for deeper understanding of Chinese customers’ demands, and for suggestions on marketing, product design, positioning and sales service.

Dyson hopes to provide personalized and customized products for Chinese customers. With the support of JD’s smart supply chain, Dyson is able to provide effective control on cost of new product design, supply chain management and marketing, and developed popular customized products in China. For example, the Dyson automatic hairstyler developed based on female customers’ demand for quick and simple hair styling soon became a hot-seller on JD after it launched. The brand’s cleaning, self-care and air quality improvement products are also top selling products on JD.

“We are honored to work with a leading home appliance brand like Dyson to provide high-quality products that can solve customers’ pain-points,” said a spokesperson from JD Home Appliances.  “We hope that through the innovations that we create with Dyson, we can also bring more potential to the development of Chinese home appliance market.”



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