Sep 23, 2021|

A Bunch of Niche Fashion Brands Kick Off on


by Siyi Zhao

As youngsters account for more and more luxury consumption in China, has welcomed a series of niche fashion brands, including WOOYOUNGMI, both, Etudes, and Guidi to open their flagship stores on, catering to these youngsters who are passionately pursuing the finer things in life.

Released by Ruder Finn and Consumer Search Group, China Luxury Forecast 2021 shows that GenZers have already become the backbone force for luxury consumption. During JD’s 618 Grand Promotion in 2021, the number of GenZers that made purchases surged 231%.

Brands with strong individualism and distinctive styles are always the favorites among youngsters. Consequently, JD has launched online stores for those niche designer brands across the world in the last two years.

Founded in 2002, WOOYOUNGMI has maintained its uniqueness with unisex minimalism. There is a touch of architectural symbols in its ready-to-wear collections, the elegance of which has inspired obsession among youngsters.

The French brand  “both”, is persistantly dedicated to exploring the use of rubber in fashion. The brand’s clothing comprises different elements of classic designs and emphasizes succinct and sharp lines, pushing the boundary of surreal industrialism.

The origin of Etudes is a publishing house for arts in France. After several collaborations with fashion brands, Etudes was born with the characteristics of contemporary visual arts and a French spirit.

Born in 1896, Guidi, the vanguard of goth, is renowned for its tanning skill and craftsmanship. The whole production process is entirely hand-made, with each pair of shoes going through over a hundred procedures for half a month.