Aquascaping Business Rises on JD, And China

Aquascaping Business Rises on JD, And China

by Rachel Liu

E-commerce has brought opportunities to many new industries,including aquascaping, which is the craft of arranging aquatic plants within an aquarium. Aquascaping designer Yaming Chen brought his business onto JD’s platform in 2017, and since then has seen his sales increase by over ten times.

Chen is an avid aquascape enthusiast and the founder of the brand Crazy Aquatic Plants. He fell in love with aquascaping in 2000, and used to travel around China to find rare plants. He soon turned the passion into his profession, and opened his first online aquascaping products store on 2009, and opened over 30 offline chain stores since2015. However, in 2017, he realized JD’s strong support for merchants, and opened a store on the platform.

“JD’s massive amount of high-end customers and targeted marketing strategies have provided valuable suggestions to our development of new products. JD’s support is extremely valuable to the fast growth of Crazy Aquatic Plants,” said Chen.

Aquascaping is a high-potential business in China. The annual value of production of the industry has reached RMB 50 billion yuan, including categories like fish tanks, fish food, equipment and landscaping products. Customers’ demands are also turning more high-end from simple fish tanks to smart fish tanks, fish tank landscaping, fish tank furniture and more. According to industry report, the number of aquariums is rising in first-tier cities – there are over 60 aquariums in Shenzhen, over 50 in Shanghai and over 30 in Guangzhou.

According to JD’s sales manager of aquarium products, the market of aquarium products in China is going through a transformation. Big fish tanks that are placed in offices and given as gifts used to be the dominant product among customers. Now more customers are buying smaller fish tanks that are used in their family homes or on office tables.

“To provide better products and services for customers, JD has formed a professional buyers’ team to select high-quality products with competitive prices, and JD’s big data analysis can also help brands customize their products based on customers’ demands,” said the head of the JD Pet team. “Going forward, we hope to integrate more online and offline resources to expand the shopping experience for aquarium products and maintenance.”



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