Carol Fung: JD Aims to Build an Efficient, Healthy and Open Ecosystem

Carol Fung: JD Aims to Build an Efficient, Healthy and Open Ecosystem

by Rachel Liu

Carol Fung, president of JD FMCG Omni-channel, attended the 2021 CCFA China International Retail Innovation Summit held from May 23 to 25 in Shanghai, and gave a main stage speech titled “Embrace the new structure of retail, co-build new business ecosystem.”  The key points are as following.

Supply chain middle platform

The supply chain middle platform enables JD and partners to jointly procure products and launch new products. JD’s big data capability can also help offline enterprises and brands to identify potential customers and decrease the cost of procurement.

Omni-channel marketing

JD’s omni-channel marketing solutions enables brands to reach out to potential customers in all scenarios, which can help brands improve operations efficiency and gather more user assets through all channels.

JD’s omni-channel marketing successfully supported Walmart’s release of a new product. In just five weeks, the new product was launched on JD and all Walmart stores in China. With JD’s LBS (Location Based Service) ability, JD provided traffic support for Walmart stores to accurately target potential customers. The P&G Omni-channel Super Brand Day brought over 73 million views through all channels, and sales increased over 100% YOY.

Agriculture Products Circulation Middle Platform

JD built the agriculture products circulation middle platform to create a digital and intelligent agricultural supply chain. JD aims to help realize standardization and digitalization of agricultural products circulation through building warehouses, sorting and distribution of products. Through the agricultural product circulation program, JD can gather local products and sell them through different channels, such as offline stores, restaurants, supermarkets and online channels.

Omni-channel fulfillment

The omni-channel fulfillment program that JD has been developing since 2019 enables customers to receive products within one hour through supply chain integration. Now the program is working with over 1,000 brands in over 300 cities, and nearly 50,000 offline stores, covering consumer goods, electronics, fashion, auto products and more. Products can reach customers in as fast as 29 minutes after placing orders.

For example, over 2,000 offline stores of CR Vanguard (华润万家), a leading retailer in China, have joined the program to provide instant delivery service for customers. After convenience store brand Fook worked with JD on omni-channel fulfillment, revenue of its offline stores increased by four times YOY. JD also helped it build a membership system to promote digitalization of the offline stores.

“As a supply chain based technology and service company, JD aims to build an efficient, healthy and open ecosystem to develop together with partners, and continue to create value for them,” said Fung.





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