Aug 13, 2021|

Chinese Valentine’s Day Becomes Primary Driver for Gift Economy


by Siyi Zhao

Chinese Valentine’s Day is pulling the sales of skincare and cosmetic products, along with jewelry, gradually becoming the biggest driver of the gift economy among all Chinese shopping festivals.

Based on the data collected one week before the Valentine’s Day (August 14), JD finds that the turnover of cosmetic products has surged 600% year-on-year; meanwhile, the search term “send gifts” is climbing up as the hottest trend in the searching ranks. Men under 35 are catalyzing sales spikes for a variety of products including lipsticks, perfumes, gold jewelry, facial serums and cubilose, the saliva of birds used in Asian cuisine for facial care.

Besides the overall breakdown of products people consume, a survey conducted by JD Big Data Institute in collaboration with JD Insight unveils that while youngsters under 25 show their strong interests in buying luxuries as gifts, they actually prefer outdoor activities and more affordable cosmetic products in reality. In contrast, people around the age of 25 to 35 seem to be nonchalant towards the luxuries, but it turns out they purchase more luxury products than any other age groups .

As for the consumption of flowers, the data indicates that people under the age of 35 are the key customers, in which women’s share is 40% more than the average share of all age groups, suggesting modern women tend to convey their feelings voluntarily.

In terms of the platforms for purchasing gifts, the data shows that authentic products are always essential for customers, and also becomes more and more important as the age of the customers grow. When it comes to gifts delivery, youngsters tend to factor in the exquisite packages and customized delivery services.

Recently, JD’s premium delivery service has been a trending topic on Twitter-like platform Weibo, with delivery men in suits taking premium cars to send gift packages for customers. This Valentine’s Day, JD will even provide a service of delivery men dressing in Hanfu, the traditional Han Chinese costume.

JD Big Data Institute also points out that the consumption of gift items in retail sales makes a significant increase this year compared with that of past years, for not only the consuming power has developed and expanded, the various products, swift delivery service and authenticity guarantee all facilitate consumers to express themselves through the services JD provides.