Aug 31, 2021|

College Students Returning to School, Prioritize Digital Products


by Siyi Zhao

During the back-to-school season this year, digital products have been the essential paraphernalia for college rookies, revealed by’s Online Shopping Observation Report released on August 25.

The report shows students had spent the greatest amount of money on digital products, with most purchasing laptops on JD’s retail platform. The sales of Polaroid cameras, digital cameras with interchangeable lens, and tablet PCs all more than doubled, compared with the same season last year.

Additionally, students have continued to hoard physical books and food. Regardless of the availability of digital books, sales of paper books among college students have increased 36 percent YOY. And the sales of coffee, tea, and dairy beverage have all doubled year-on-year.

Students across China also have different preferences on back-to-school shopping. In northern China, students purchase books more than anything else, while students from colleges in eastern China invest more on laptops. In southern China, students spend the most on skincare and cosmetic products. And in central China, outdoor activity products make up the biggest share.

Apart from the regional diversity, students with different majors tend to buy distinctive products. Students majoring in education opt for books of romantic novels, economic planning and management. Meanwhile, engineering students are pushing themselves to be more active outside the classroom. The sales of roller skates and skateboards among engineering students had been five times more than those among the national averages. The same group had spent even more on winter sports and extreme outdoor activity sports; and also paid attention to digital health observation products.