Jun 26, 2024|

From Beijing Streets to the Paris Olympic Track: JD.com’s Yushuai Luan Races to the 2024 Olympic Marathon


“I still vividly recall the moment I won a spot in the Paris 2024 Mass Participation Marathon. It was on the eve of the Chinese New Year, and my shout of excitement echoed through our home, startling my family, startling my family members,” said Yushuai Luan, a courier with JD.com.

The Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics are set to transform the experience for spectators, marking the first time in history that the public can alongside Olympian on the same marathon. Among the 40,048 international participants is JD.com courier Yushuai Luan, who is eager to showcase his running prowess on this global stage.

Yushuai is diligently preparing for the August race, running nearly 400 kilometers every month. In a heartfelt gesture of appreciation, he penned a thank-you letter to the Paris 2024 Mass Participation Marathon organizing team, which was sent using JD Logistics’ international express delivery service.

“In school, I was always one of the fastest,” Yushuai said humbly. Hailing from the chilly hills of Jilin province in Northeast China, he grew up running in demanding conditions, though he never envisioned competing in a marathon.

Yushuai Luan also participated in Olympic Winter Game Beijing 2022 Torch Relay

Yushuai’s journey with JD Logistics began in 2015 in Beijing’s Haidian district, known for its exacting delivery standards. Initially, the learning curve was steep as he familiarized himself with the intricate maze of streets and alleys, opting to run—rather than walk—his routes.

“I often sprinted up stairs in a single breath. It was an amazing feeling.” His exceptional speed allowed him to deliver hundreds of parcels during peak promotional periods, significantly above the average courier’s capacity.

In 2017, when JD Logistics sponsored the Beijing International Marathon and formed a team from its staff, Yushuai was hesitant to participate due to fears of impacting his work, potential injury, or not finishing. However, he completed his first marathon in an impressive 4:23:23, without any formal training, and returned to work the following day.

From there, he never looked back. Yushuai’s marathon times have improved remarkably since then, with his personal best now standing at 2:25:55. His secret? A deep, abiding love for running. Despite a hectic work schedule, he consistently finds time to run 10-20 kilometers daily.

“Mastering this professional sport through rigorous training has been incredibly fulfilling,” said Yushuai. “It’s immensely rewarding, boosting my confidence and deepening my passion for running.”

Yushuai’s reputation in the Beijing running community is as much about his speed as it is about his warmth and resilience.

He vividly remembers a night when he answered a customer’s urgent call. The caller was in a different city, and their parent urgently needed medication without which there could be dire consequences. Yushuai navigated the streets, delivering the medication on time. The customer was grateful and apologetic, but for Yushuai, it was another opportunity to excel in his service.

Some of Yushuai’s marathon medals

Yushuai Luan doesn’t just see the glass as half full; he sees it brimming over with opportunity—a mindset that carries him across every finish line with a smile.