H3C Opens Enterprise Product Flagship Store on JD

H3C Opens Enterprise Product Flagship Store on JD

by Martin Li

Chinese digital solutions provider H3C signedan agreement with JD to set up its first online flagship store selling enterprise products and solutions on March 23.

H3C will also connect its core agents across China with JD for cooperation, and turn its 47 selling and service centers into suppliers of JD.

Signing ceremony on March 23.

“The cooperation with H3C is an important step for JD to build a commercial integrated service system. The two parties will work together to provide enterprise customers with agile and efficient integrated service,” said Chunzheng Song, president of JD Business.

Commercial integrated service is also a key development direction for JD Business, according to Song.

Senior vice president of H3C, Zhang Li, said “JD Business is one of the leading enterprise service platforms and has numerous quality enterprise customers and strong capabilities in channel, marketing and service. These capabilities can complement H3C’s enterprise business.”

HC3 will partner with JD to make use of big data to tap demands of enterprise customers and develop B2M products, according to Ren Tao, General Manager of JD Computers and Digital Products

H3C has been selling its consumer products such as routers on JD for several years. Headquartered in Beijing, H3C offers a full portfolio of digital infrastructure products, spanning across compute, storage, networking, 5G, security and related domains.

Among the enterprise products to be sold online are switchers, servers, network storage and security products.






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