Health brands Swisse and Omron Awarded as JD Kicks off 618

Health brands Swisse and Omron Awarded as JD Kicks off 618

by Kelly Dawson


International health brands Swisse and Omron were honored for their important contributions and ongoing cooperation with JD, at the e-commerce giant’s 618 Grand Promotion Kickoff event and press conference held in Beijing on May 20. During the event, which was attended by hundreds of well-known brands, merchants and partners, natural health supplement brand Swisse was named a “2021 JD 618 Top Ten Sustainable Development Award Partner”; and health management electronics brand Omron was awarded as a “2021 JD 618 Top Ten Smart Brand.”

JD’s cooperation with the two health brands has strengthened as Chinese consumers have become increasingly health conscious during the pandemic.


Swisse Named “Top Ten Sustainable Development Award Partner” 

Swisse has consistently led JD Health’s cross-border and nutrition and healthcare category, providing high-quality, natural and safe nutrition products to Chinese consumers.


Omron was named a “Top Ten Sustainable Development Award Partner”


The Australian brand has gained great popularity on JD, selecting natural high-quality ingredients and undergoing rigorous product inspections to build trust with consumers. Since joining JD in 2016, Swisse has continuously been the top nutritional and healthcare brand on the platform.

With the help of JD’s strong traffic advantages and channel layout, Swisse has been able to achieve enormous growth. During the 2019 618 Grand Promotion, the turnover of Swisse vitamin and mineral products increased by 1023% year-on-year, and the turnover of body-building products increased by nearly 5 times YOY. Then, during the first 30 minutes of the 2020 618 Grand promotion, Swisse’s turnover increased by more than 140% YOY.

Swisse has also cooperated with JD Health to create Customer-to-Manufacture (C2M) products based on customer needs. Successful C2M products have included a customized grape seed gift box, mid-autumn health gift box and more.

Additionally, Swisse and JD have cooperated on omni-channel marketing, with JD not only providing online sales channel but also big data insights, marketing support and more. This cooperation  has driven Swisse to increase conversion rates, promote repurchase growth, reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Omron Named “2021 JD 618 Top Ten Smart Brand”

Omron has a long history of cooperation with JD and JD Health dating back to 2013. In 2018, the brand opened a flagship store on the platform. Last year the brand won various honors including the “2020 Excellent Partner of JD Health” and “2020 Strategic Partner of JD Health.”

Omron was named a “2021 JD 618 Top Ten Smart Brand”


As a leading brand in the healthcare industry, Omron’s full range of technology products include blood pressure monitors, electronic thermometers, oxygen generators, nebulizers and low-frequency therapy devices.  JD Health and Omron have also worked together to create customized products including a consultation blood pressure monitor.

JD Health is also providing support for Omron in the field of intelligent disease management, pushing forward integration of smart medical devices with the JD Health app, and more. Thanks to the integration of user data, this cooperation has resulted in more accurate data results, saving time and cost for both doctors and patients, resulting in a higher quality customer experience.






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