JD and Partners Release Standards of Low Sugar Rice Cooker

JD and Partners Release Standards of Low Sugar Rice Cooker

by Martin Li

JD’s home appliance business unit partnered with China Household Electric Appliances Research Institute and renowned brands in the country to release technological evaluation standards of rice quality cooked by low sugar rice cookers on Apr. 19.

Low sugar rice cooker features the function which can separate excess sugars from the starch contained in rice during the cooking process.

The evaluation standards are aimed at advancing product innovation and upgrade of the industry.

“Consumers’ demands are becoming more individualized. JD’s home appliance business unit is committed to helping suppliers better meet consumers’ demands by connecting producers and consumers with the help of digital supply chain,” said a JD spokesperson.

On the day of the standards announcement, JD also joined hands with renowned brands like Midea, Supor and Joyoung to establish a quality alliance and pledged to produce and sell low sugar rice cookers in accordance with the new technological standards.

Low sugar rice cookers hit market in 2019 and have witnessed fast growth in demands, both online and offline. Online sales accounted for 5.1% of total sales in the first half of last year, according to data from All View Cloud, a big data solution provider focused on smart home.

JD has seen an increasing number of brands launch new healthy rice cookers on its e-commerce platform. Midea released its new rice cooker on Apr. 19 and started selling on JD on Apr. 20.




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