JD and Tencent Launch Cloud Warehouse Solutions

JD and Tencent Launch Cloud Warehouse Solutions

by Yuchuan Wang

JD Logistics and Tencent Smart Retail jointly announced the launch of JD-Tencent Cloud Warehouse at the 2021 JD Logistics Cloud Warehouse Partner Conference held on Apr. 17 at JD’s headquarters in Beijing. The new solutions will provide systems, branding and marketing to merchants, MCN (multi-channel network) organizations and warehousing companies.

With the rise of omni-channel retail and e-commerce livestreaming, the industry is faced with diversified customers and channels, and unpredictable fulfillment pressures. Leveraging Tencent’s online private traffic scenarios such as WeChat mini program and JD Logistics’ merchandise and logistics abilities, the JD-Tencent Cloud Warehouse solution will help clients navigate the changing retail market to better serve customers and increase the operations efficiency while lowering costs.

“Through the JD-Tencent mini program based on the Tencent cloud mall, merchants can quickly launch their shops on WeChat. The seamless connection between the two companies will enable convenient advertising and integrated supply chain services,” said Liguang Zhou, head of JD Logistics’ cloud warehouse ecosystem business. Tencent’s smart retail technologies and JD’s logistics technologies will also be opened up to partners.

Liguang Zhou introduces JD-Tencent Cloud Warehouse solutions

“We attach great importance to the partnership with JD Logistics,” said Kiki Fan, vice president of business development of Tencent Smart Retail. “The launch of JD-Tencent Cloud Warehouse Solution is expected to support the rapid increasing business scale of enterprises and help create new growth.”

JD Logistics said it would upgrade its cloud warehouse strategy to support partners in sales, technology and ecosystem build up, in addition to operations, leveraging its core products including the JD-Tencent Cloud Warehouse solutions.

The company also announced a partnership with B2B supply chain service platform “Migrant Bird Supply Chain” to build a product pool for third-party enterprise procurement making product selection and fulfillment even easier.

Officially launched in December 2017, the JD Cloud Warehouse project provides third-party warehouses and merchants with JD’s logistics management system, technology abilities and operations standards. By the end of 2020, JD Logistics managed a total of over 1,400 cloud warehouses nationwide. The project is one of the most important steps in JD Logistics’ opening-up move.




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