Aug 5, 2021|

JD Big Data Reveals Peak Hours of China’s Online Consumption


by Siyi Zhao

China’s e-commerce platforms are witnessing a stampede of consumers rushing to place more orders from 8 to 11 pm, indicating a new shopping habit of the society, revealed by JD Big Data Research Institute.

According to JD’s big data, China’s online sales from 8 to 11pm, May 1 to July 1, had increased over 100% year-on-year. The main spike comes from the healthcare industry, in which there is a quintuple increase in medicine and a triple increase in fitness equipment. The waist machine, yoga resistance belt, and sit-up board are all among the highest selling products at night, suggesting that work-outs from home are becoming the routine for many people, especially white-collar workers.

Apart from the necessities, it is also revealed that people are spending their money for pastimes at night. Sales in alcohols, skincare and beauty products, as well as pet services have also surged by 100%.

Besides, it is surprising to find that the sharpest rise comes from the digital product branch, in which the sales have climbed by more than 500%, accounting for over half of the transactions of the whole day, which shows people tend to place orders of expensive digital products at night after a day of rational and meticulous shopping.

Summer has always been the peak period for annual travelling. With the tickets of those popular scenery sites becoming the best sellers at night time, the latest data from JD also shows the nascent development of the country’s tourism industry in traveling or visiting attractions.

The data also tells that the post 85’s are the bulk of the online night shoppers, contributing 40% of the total sales, and they place 51% of their orders at night. And the sales from white-collar workers takes up over 31% of the total volume, followed by sales from residents in small towns and college students, indicating that the high-income group is playing an active role in the nighttime economy.

In addition, having been upgraded constantly, Chinese online platforms currently empower the one-hour delivery service for consumers, even at night time. And data from JD Daojia (JDDJ) shows the 10 highest sales increase actually spread across the low-tier cities, suggesting the potential of the consuming power in small-scale cities and the popularization of the service is comprehensive in China.