JD Cloud Helps Issue E-Vouchers Worth RMB100m Yuan

JD Cloud Helps Issue E-Vouchers Worth RMB100m Yuan

by Martin Li

JD Cloud has helped the Beijing municipality government distribute e-vouchers (electronic consumption vouchers) worth over RMB 100 million yuan with its digital technology and solution platform.

The e-voucher distribution via the platform covered more than 700 merchants in the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, commercial street in Wangfujing, and eight airports affiliated with Capital Airport Holding.

The cloud-driven platform can be connected directly to any existing App run by city government or merchants, according to Yuan Lijiang, who is in charge of digital life solution development at JDT.

The platform integrated mini-programs of 317 merchants in Wangfujing, the traditional business district of Beijing, in an effort to help boost online and offline consumption. On Feb. 7, the platform was used by the Beijing government to issue 50,000 DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment) red envelopes.

In Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, the area administration used the platform to hand subsidies worth over 100 million yuan to merchants.

“JD’s platform is aimed at connecting merchants and consumption scenarios, online and offline,” said Yuan.

“Additionally, with the help of JD’s insights into the consumption industry and big data, we can help cities implement consumption subsidy efforts,” added Yuan.

Xu Hongcai, deputy director of the economic policy committee of the China Association of Policy Science, said JD’s innovative service model based on big data and cloud services can encourage digital transformation of the traditional industry, and boost application of the new consumption model and scenario.




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