JD Cloud Recognized For Its Standout Industry Know-How

JD Cloud Recognized For Its Standout Industry Know-How

by Martin Li

JD Cloud (JDC) has been seeing increasing recognition by enterprises in different industries as a digitalization solution provider with a unique grasp of industry know-how, according to reports by Economy & Nation Weekly and  21st Century Business Herald on April 24.

Shandong Deyi Dairy Product Corporate, a leading milk manufacturer in China, achieved a popularity of four new milk flavors it customized for different consumers with the help of JDC’s big data and AI capabilities. JDC’s technologies also helped Deyi acquire better insight into its consumers.

Deyi sees its product sold in over 1,000 supermarkets and over 5,000 community service points. It also delivers milk products to one million households each day.

JDC’s know-how in the retail industry is the result of its daily support to JD’s own huge retail business. JD owns several millions of SKUs, boasts a yearly volume of two trillion yuan, and serves hundreds of thousands of enterprises and merchants and 470 million consumers. JD’s retail business covers industries like 3C, cosmetics, fresh produce, health product, book, fashion, auto, real estate and industrial products.

“The retail industry features a long supply chain and complex application scenarios. Each enterprise has its own traits. They need a digitalization transformation partner who knows their industry, trend and transformation needs well,” said Liqiang Gao, president of JD Technology’s Cloud business.

Besides retail, logistics is also where JDC has accumulated rich know-how thanks to its efficient support of JD’s logistics infrastructure.

Supported by JDC, JD Logistics has achieved world-leading inventory turnover days of 33.33.

JDC helped build a digital operation platform for Logistics Mogul, an app connecting truck owners and merchants who need to have their goods transported.

“JDC helped us build an agile and automated digital infrastructure, which gives us more time to focus on business innovation,” said Deng Mingjian, R&D director of the app operator Xi’an Heshuo Logistics.

In the finance industry, JDC has been providing digitalization solutions for over 780 financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies and securities companies.




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