JD Cloud’s Guangxi Project to Facilitate Trade with ASEAN

JD Cloud’s Guangxi Project to Facilitate Trade with ASEAN

by Martin Li

JD Cloud has been partnering with Chinese company Beijing Jinda to build an integrated trading platform for an intelligent fresh produce industrial park in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Currently under construction, the park covers an area of over 3.3 square kilometers with Terminal One of Nanning airport as the core. It will be used for trade between China and ASEAN countries, as supported by the new trading platform.

Named JDT1, the trading platform connects suppliers, sellers, consumers and e-commerce operators with the help of JD’s digital and intelligent supply chain ability, in an effort to shorten supply chain and increase product circulation efficiency in the industry.

“The integrated trading platform is expected to help address pain points in the fresh produce industry, including scattered resources, redundant supply chain, lack of product standards, logistics challenges and financing difficulty,” said Zhu Bing, vice president of JD Cloud.

“With the help of JD Cloud’s digital solution, the fresh produce industrial park brings change to the traditional trade model in the industry, drives forward digitalized transformation in the industry and connects suppliers and buyers,” said Zhu.

JD Cloud will partner with Jinda to build a highly automated warehousing and logistics center for fresh produce.

Supported by JD Cloud’s technologies, the integrated trading platform operator will also employ digital marketing methods like livestreaming. JD Cloud’s IoT technology will make the whole transaction process transparent and traceable.



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