JD CSO: Growth Breakthrough Needs A Favorable Ecosystem

JD CSO: Growth Breakthrough Needs A Favorable Ecosystem

by Martin Li

It takes an ecosystem for any enterprise to achieve growth breakthroughs, Dr. Jon Liao, JD’s chief strategy officer, said at a symposium at JD’s HQ in Beijing on May 13.

The symposium was attended by technology and business representatives from around 100 leading retail brands, and discussed the role of digital technology in driving new growth.

“Any enterprise needs an ecosystem to make breakthroughs in growth. However, ecosystem doesn’t mean monopoly. It stands for living together, creating values together, depending on each other and creating new value together,” said Liao.

Liao also mentioned that, besides technological innovation and accumulated industry know-how, JD Cloud also needs support from partners in the ecosystem to help drive digital transformation of enterprises and government bodies.

JD Cloud has provided almost 100 retail brands with digital solutions, including MINISO, Midea, Bubble Mart, Deyi Dairy and Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd (BAIC).

Technology is becoming the third growth engine for JD, following trade and services, according to Liao.

Liao added that, with the help of accumulated know-how in the retail and logistics industries, JD Cloud can enable digital transformation of enterprises, by providing retail and logistics Cloud solutions.

“JD knows industry better than most tech companies and knows technology better than most industries,” said Liao.




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