JD iCity Executive: Urban Governance Modernization Aims to Be Easier and More Efficient

JD iCity Executive: Urban Governance Modernization Aims to Be Easier and More Efficient

by Ling Cao

“Urban governance modernization is a new infrastructure for a city, which can help connect different business sectors, making the city management, emergency management and other affairs easier and more efficient,” said Lingling Guo, vice president of iCity business unit at JD Technology, during The Digital Government Forum at this year’s China International Big Data Industry Expo held in Guiyang, Guizhou this week.

Guo summarized five phases for the digital government development process.

The first phase needs to deal with a single department’s demands and challenges. The second phase involves building a system to help residents solve different requirements for that particular department.

The third phase uses algorithms to improve management level for a department. The fourth phase involves expanding that business solution into a cross-department business solution.

And the last phase focuses on building integrated digital government involving all capabilities, making the city governance more convenient for government, enterprises and residents.

In June 2020, based on technology capabilities, JD helped Nantong, Jiangsu province build China’s first urban governance modernization command center.

“The urban governance modernization system has a significant role in promoting economic and societal development. Utilizing big data, IoT, 5G and AI, the system will help make innovative contributions for a city,” added Guo.

This year’s Big Data Expo will gather 225 enterprises to exhibit their business and new products, covering frontier technology, digital application and the intelligent technology industry. JD is exhibiting products across a wide range of businesses, including JD Cloud, IoT business, JD Health, JD Retail and JD Logistics.



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