JD.ID and ThisAble Foundation Train SME Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

JD.ID and ThisAble Foundation Train SME Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

by Kelly Dawson

As the Indonesian economy continues to recover from COVID-19, JD’s joint venture in Indonesia JD.ID together with non-profit organization ThisAble Foundation is holding a series of workshops for disabled people titled “Empowerment of Disabled Communities in the Pandemic Era, Through the Utilization of Digital Platforms.” With an expected total series attendance rate of 150 SME entrepreneurs from the disabled community, the first two workshops were held on Apr. 20 and 23 in the cities of Semarang and Yogyakarta respectively, with a third workshop planned for May 7 in Bandung City.

JD.ID team training two participants in the workshop in Semarang City on Apr. 20

JD.ID team training two participants in the workshop “Empowering Disabled Communities in the Pandemic Era, Through the Utilization of Digital Platforms” in Semarang City on Apr. 20

“Amid the pandemic situation, we see that one of the opportunities that can be utilized by SME entrepreneurs is the society process of shifting to the digital era or ‘digitalization’,” said Sandy Permadi, Chief Financial Officer of JD.ID. “These digital-online transactions cannot grow optimally, because they are constrained by human resource problems with low digital literacy. This is what inspired us to hold a workshop with ThisAble Foundation. Intending to provide solutions to limited use of technology and provide skills training for SME actors with disabilities, we hope that eventually there can be a more advanced, stronger, and more inclusive national economy.”

During the workshop JD.ID and ThisAble Foundation provided extensive training sessions on JD.ID’s affiliated social commerce program, JD Fans. Through the program, promoters can work independently to promote JD.ID products on various social platforms and through their own personal networks for commission payments—an ideal program for disabled individuals who may benefit most from the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere, at a pace that best suits them.

Additionally, JD.ID provided general information during the workshop on Indonesia’s growing e-commerce industry, with a focus on marketplace business including tips and tricks for maximizing business on e-commerce platforms. The session concluded with a segment led by a psychologist on the topic “Building a Healthy Mentality During the Pandemic Period.”

Nicky Claraentia Pratiwi, as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ThisAble Foundation, said, “Disabled communities need our support. They need ‘equipment’ and training in accessing digital business platforms so that they can have the opportunity to ‘do business, so they can be economically independent.”

Indonesia’s SMEs have struggled during the pandemic. In response, the government has issued policies to strengthen the use of technology and regulate the financial sector; and also provided direct stimulus payments earlier this year. JD.ID and ThisAble Foundation’s workshops were a direct response to a recent appeal by the country’s Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, directing industry players to provide access to support for SME actors with disabilities.

“Every party must have the same opportunity to learn, develop and do business, including persons with disabilities,” Pratiwi said. “Through this activity, we sincerely hope that SME entrepreneurs from the community of disabilities can compete in the market, and later on, they can make a significant contribution to national economic growth.”



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