JD.ID to Raise Funds for Orphans in Indonesia During Ramadan

JD.ID to Raise Funds for Orphans in Indonesia During Ramadan

by Kelly Dawson

As Indonesia honors Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, JD.com’s joint venture in the country JD.ID will launch a fund-raising campaign titled #JDBerbagiBerkah (translated as “JD Sharing Kindness”) from Apr. 30 to May 7 to support orphans at 43 orphanages across 13 provinces. Funds will go toward providing daily necessities, school bags, utensils and books for the orphans.


Funds raised in the campaign will be donated to 38 orphanages in Indonesia

“JD.ID is excited to launch this campaign to support orphans in Indonesia after the difficulties of the past year, with the pandemic and various natural disasters,” said a JD.ID spokesperson. “During this time we feel it’s especially important for us to give back, because without the larger community our work wouldn’t be as meaningful.”

The campaign joins the fundraising platform’s Kitabisa.com’s annual Hardolnas National Online Donation event, which aims to solicit online donations to various social campaigns each year during Ramadan in the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Brands and platforms that join Kitabisa’s Hardolnas initiative are labeled #BrandBaik (translated as “Kind brands”).

JD.ID customers can make donations to the campaign through the e-commerce platform’s app by purchasing products featuring the #JDBerbagiBerkah tag, with the option to donate an amount of their choice to the campaign; or they can visit a designated #JDBerbagiBerkah page on the Kitabisa.com platform. The platform is equipped for various payment methods.

“With the main mission of the company “Make Joy Happen”, JD.ID longs to not only be an online shopping platform that is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable for customers, but to be a platform that brings joy in various aspects of people’s lives, especially social and human aspects,” said JD.ID CEO Li Zhang in a statement released previously during fund-raising efforts following a series of natural disasters in the country, including massive flooding, an earthquake and two landslides.

The #JDBerbagiBerkah campaign will be concluded on May 7, with all donations handed over directly to the 43 orphanages.



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