JD Introduces High-Quality Books to Readers with Book Editors

JD Introduces High-Quality Books to Readers with Book Editors

by Rachel Liu

JD invited hundreds of book editors, industry professionals and partners to discuss how to better promote high-quality books to readers at the industry conference held in Beijing today at JD’s headquarters. JD will combine its industry advantages with editor resources to jointly build a new content ecosystem, and it will also help develop more editors into influencers to better promote books.

“We hope that JD’s platform resources and the editors’ professional understanding of books can join forces to promote high quality books and book lists to our readers,” said spokesperson of JD Books.

“It is hard to only rely on the editors to promote the healthy development of the book industry. We also need the input from our readers to know what they really want to read,” said Zhenning Nie, a renowned publisher and editor in China: “Through complete information sharing between readers and publishing institutions, I believe the book industry will become more efficient. JD’s participation shows its concern for the healthy development of the book industry.”

Xiulei Li, deputy chief editor of Beijing Radio & Television Station announced at the conference that JD and BRTV will jointly launch an MCN (Multi-Channel Network) company to discover and cultivate influencers to better promote good books to Chinese readers.

Xiulei Li speaks on the event

JD and Himalaya (喜马拉雅), an audio sharing platform in China will create podcasts on books together. Other content sharing platforms such as Zhihu (知乎) and Douban(豆瓣) will also be important partners for JD this year.

JD has successfully launched several new books with publishing houses and made them best-sellers. For example, children’s books Mr. Liang’s Natural Science Classes and Rabbit Apartment both saw tens of thousands of copies sold under JD’s support.



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