JD Opens Asia No.1 Logistics Park in Ningxia

JD Opens Asia No.1 Logistics Park in Ningxia

by Martin Li

JD opened a new Asia No.1 highly-automated logistics park, in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in northwest China on Jun. 10.

The park will be mainly used for food, electronics, home appliances, apparel, general merchandise and imported goods. It will serve customers in the region, as well as in neighboring the neighboring provinces of Qinghai and Gansu.

The park features a wide application of automated devices like robots and smart management systems in the processes of storage, sorting, packing and transportation, which combined makes it possible for customers to place an order in the morning and receive it the same afternoon.

JD opened a fulfilment center in the city of Yinchuan, Qinghai province in April 2016, enabling next-day delivery in the city.

Asia No. 1 logistics parks are the most advanced and highly automated in JD’s network. There are more than 30 of such facilities across China, which not only speed up delivery but also help drive local employment. The facility in Ningxia is expected to create more than 1,000 local jobs.

JD.com is the only e-commerce platform in the world to provide small-to-medium sized warehousing, oversized warehousing, cross border, cold chain delivery, frozen and chilled warehousing facilities, B2B and crowdsourcing logistics.






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