JD Sets 2 Guinness World Records in 3C Category

JD Sets 2 Guinness World Records in 3C Category

by Kelly Dawson


On day one of its ongoing 618 Grand Promotion, June 1, JD.com set two Guinness World Records in the 3C category for performance within a 24-hour period: first, the most air conditioners sold on a single online platform, and second, the most laptops sold.


Performance during the festival is off to a powerful start, with sales of air-conditioning products during the first 12 hours exceeding the entire day of the same period last year. Additionally, the overall sales volume of high-end computer products increased by 210% YOY.

Driving this sales growth are JD’s precise understanding of consumer demand, effective integration of resources and strong intelligent supply chain capabilities. These factors have made the company’s C2M initiatives in the category highly successful. For example, nearly 40% of gaming laptops on the platform are the result of C2M cooperation, in which JD has cooperated with PC brands to create products that aim to meet the needs of consumers as revealed by JD’s consumer data.

In the home appliance category, JD Home Appliances is also driving innovation through C2M cooperation. Based on the company’s supply chain advantages and by combining production and manufacturing, JD will continue to produce high-quality products to meet consumers’ needs—combined with a full range of one-stop trade-in services including free home recycling of all home appliances, free dismantling and disposal of old devices and more.



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