JD Super Releases Seven New Trending Food Products

JD Super Releases Seven New Trending Food Products

by Rachel Liu

JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, released the 2021 Food Industry Online Consumption Trends White Paper on May 13th, on the JD Foodie Festival event held at JD Beijing headquarters. The white paper shows that buffalo milk, liquid coffee, low alcohol liquor, compound seasoning products, enzyme, dietary fiber products, and plant-based meat are the seven new trending products among young Chinese customers who pursue healthy and nutritious products.

The white paper shows that 62% of Chinese customers pay attention to healthy products, and concepts such as “low fat,” “low sugar,” and “low calorie” have become popular. Additionally, more customers are also looking for fast, easy-to-make and tasty products. Rising products on JD include yogurt, low-salt seasoning products, high-quality instant food and fresh food that comes from famous originating places.

As customers’ demands on new products are growing, brands are making efforts to release new products as fast as possible. To effectively promote the new products for brands, JD launched omni-channel supply chain and marketing solutions to help new products and C2M products become top sellers quickly. For example, the cherry blossom-flavored Oreo drove new customers of the brand to increase over 330 times on JD. The new Mengniu organic Milk Deluxe was sold out in one minute on its launch day, and sales of the Mengniu store on JD also increased 223% YOY.

JD hopes to be a platform to support new brands to grow in China. Through providing marketing resources, customer operations and traffic operations for the brands, JD has helped many rising brands achieve fast development and find their targeted market. Shiyue Daotian, a popular Chinese rice and cooking oil brand, worked with JD to develop products for high-end customers, and became the #1 brand in the rice category on JD. Followers of the brand also increased 350% YOY in 2020.

JD will also explore more industry belts to collect high-quality products from their originating places and help create leading local brands. For example, JD worked with the Wuchang government to provide authentic Wuchang rice with a tracing system to guarantee authenticity, and sales of the rice reached RMB 50 million yuan in 2020. JD also worked with the mango growing belt in Panzhihua, Sichuan province, and sold RMB 5 million yuan worth of mangos in just one day. Growing belt products including mangos from Panzhihua, pomelos from Guanxi, Fujian province, peaches from Yangshan, Guangdong province and more saw over 100% YOY sales increase in the first half of 2020.

“In 2021, we will continue to open our capabilities in omni-channel marketing, smart supply chain, technology and more, to promote the development of food brands in China, and bring more high-quality new products to customers. We also hope to discover more growing belts and cultivate more new brands there for better development of the food industry,” said Carol Fung, president of JD FMCG Omni-channel.





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