Sep 10, 2021|

Jingxi Partners with Suqian for Delivering Fresh Produce


by Siyi Zhao

Jingxi, the social e-commerce platform of, announced its partnership with the Bureau of Commerce of Suqian city in Jiangsu province, so as to provide a channel for the agricultural city to sell their fresh produce across China.

Based on Jingxi’s supply chain, technology and marketing skills, the two parties plan to build a virtual agricultural outlet on Jingxi with products from Suqian, through which they will expand a new sales channel for fresh produce and propel the development of building an agricultural brand with local characteristic, thus boosting the national policy of rural revitalization.

Recently, it is the season of eating Chinese mitten crab. Jingxi will help to sell this seasonal delicacy across China through delivery directly from the produce origin to the table of the consumers, which streamlines the selling method based on large-scale sales, distinctive brand marketing and certain standardization, effectively helping local farmers reduce the cost and increase the sales volume.

“Jingxi has always paid close attention to the cooperation with Suqian government,” says Li Changming, General Manager for the product department of Jingxi. “Starting with this exemplary partnership, Jingxi will double down on the cooperation with other cities and strive to help agricultural products travel to cities based on our supply chain solution.”