Research Report: JD Recognized for Its Efforts in Driving Agriculture

Research Report: JD Recognized for Its Efforts in Driving Agriculture

by Martin Li

JD is recognized by agricultural product merchants on its e-commerce platform for its efforts to help them unload unsalable products, market and promote products and foster e-commerce talent, according to a research report on the role online retail in promoting rural consumption, released by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) on Apr. 27.

Among the other recognized efforts are agricultural product after sales service, logistics service including cold chain and warehousing, and instructions on product packaging.

“E-commerce platforms are playing an important role in driving industrialization and standardization of the agricultural industry with the help of its strong technological and logistics capabilities,” said Haifeng Chen, general manager of JD’s smart agriculture business, at the expert forum following the release of the report.

Chen said that JD has been using its technologies like AI, big data, IoT and blockchain, channel marketing and branding capabilities to enable cooperative farms, helping them reduce cost and increase efficiency.

JD helped apple growers in Fengxian,, Jiangsu province develop a production standard and a farm informatization system. The purchase price of apples has jumped from RMB 2.7 yuan to 10 yuan per kilogram with the implementation of the system.

In Tibet, JD will develop between 100 and 120 community stores with support from the local commerce department. With these stores, local residents will have access to same products and services accessible to consumers in municipalities like Beijing and Shanghai, according to Chen.

JD is still seeking breakthroughs in setting agricultural product standards, building brands, completing infrastructure like offline community stores and cooperating with local governments in developing industrial chain solutions, explained Chen.

JD started selling agricultural products in 2014 and its business covers the complete process including purchase, sales, logistics and service.

“Online retail makes it possible to deliver agricultural products directly from their origin, and solves the traditional supply chain’s problems of high loss on transportation and low efficiency. It makes price of agricultural products more competitive and increases farmers’ income,” said Ping Zhao, vice dean of the research institute of CCPIT.







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