Feb 23, 2021|

The Warm Last-mile Delivery under Extreme Temperatures


by Yuchuan Wang

Huma, is a small county in the high attitude northern part of China, with its name meaning “the rapids without sunlight in high mountains and valleys” in Daur, a local ethnic minority language. Wei Sun, joined JD in 2018, is the only JD courier in this county, responsible for the last-mile delivery to its over 40,000 residents.

Bordering Russia, the annual average temperature here is only minus 2 degrees Celsius. Just ahead of the 2021 Chinese New Year, the temperature fell to minus 45 degrees Celsius, which can turn water into ice instantly.

Wei Sun, JD courierWei Sun, JD courier

Sun delivers about 120 orders a day, the number would double during the Chinese New Year. “Every time I deliver to customer’s doorstep, the temperature difference inside and outside the house could be as much as 70 degrees (Celsius),” said Sun.

Under such extreme weather condition, he would wear four layers of clothes and stick hot packs on his jacket cuffs, not only for warmth of his hands, but also for his cell phone which gets shut down due to low temps. The cold weather also affects the battery life of his delivery vehicle, while he has to change battery three times a day for his electric tricycle to keep it running.

Sun has never received a negative comment, instead customers would always remind him to take his time and be careful on the slippery roads. “It’s the happiest thing to me to see Humaers’ joyful faces receiving packages,” said Sun.