Oct 31, 2021|

Three Reasons Why You Should Buy Luxury Fashion Items on JD


by Siyi Zhao

During this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion, JD.com is doubling down on new fashion items across the flagship stores of over 300 luxury brands, including Prada, miumiu, Ralph Lauren, BALLY, Salvatore Ferragamo and more. Here’s why you should shop for your long-time favorites on JD.com:

JD’s buyers

What makes the product list on JD unique is that JD’s buyers go above and beyond. For example, considering that the fitting models of brands are most likely different with Chinese in terms of stature, complexion, and style, buyers will often try on the items themselves to ensure the products fit into Chinese consumers’ requirements. For the product selection of different flagship stores on JD.com, JD’s fashion buyers always pick items based on consumption trends and data research, so as to cater to Chinese customers’ aesthetics. Additionally, based on the fashion buyers’ understanding of what consumers on JD are looking for, they will also make a judgement for orders depending on whether the item is a classic and popular among customer.


Online shopping is prevailing because people avidly appreciate the convenience of buying wherever you are and whenever you can, along with the swift delivery service. However, luxury fashion customers tend to care more about the specific items they could possess. Sometimes, there are indeed more choices in the physical stores.

This year, while shopping on the online flagship stores, consumers can also access those items in the physical stores through JD’s omni-channel selling system collaborating with brands. Currently, JD’s omni-channel system for Prada and miumiu has covered 6 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai  and Shenzhen. Through the cooperation with JD, Zegna offers consumers a smooth buying process, in which the brand will assign the packaging and shipment to the closest physical store based on customer’s address, thus ensuring the best shopping experience without sacrificing both product selection and the delivery convenience.

AR try-on

Other than the huge collection of authentic luxury fashion products, JD has also exerted its advantages in technology, launching an online AR try-on function, by which customers can try on shoes through cameras of mobile phones. This function is active with brands such as Berluti, Tods, Hogan and so on.