WRC Connected 2021: JD’s Focus on Omni-channel

WRC Connected 2021: JD’s Focus on Omni-channel

by Kelly Dawson

Omni-channel will remain an important strategic direction for JD.com, said Chenkai Ling, Vice President of JD.com; Head of Strategy Development and CEO office, JD Retail, on Apr. 26 during an online event series titled “Retail Connected,” hosted by World Retail Congress in lieu of its annual offline retail conference.

“How to integrate both online and offline to become omnic-channel has become a very strategic question for all the players,” Ling said in the discussion, which was moderated by Benjamin Zheng, lead partner of global strategy consulting firm EY-Parthenon.

Ling noted that while online penetration has grown steadily in China over the past decade to around 25% with expectations of further growth, the majority of retail space remains offline. As a result, both online and offline retailers increasingly view omni-channel as integral to sustained growth and a premium customer experience, due to the faster delivery times it enables.

“The key value that omni-channel provides is that it can provide a better experience for the consumer; and it can increase the operation efficiency for both the retailer as well as the brand owners,” Ling said.

Omni-channel can be broken down into the integration of the online and offline traffic in orders; the integration of the online and offline merchandise; and the integration of online and offline users, he said.

In order to successfully maximize these areas, JD is already exploring various solutions, he said: One is the O2O solution, both to own and store products, which is the most common solution for the majority of offline retailers; another is the omni-channel product offering, which is to provide products both online and offline in a unified interface; and another is to install advanced store tech including electronic tags and more.

“Omni-channel is very individualized, and different players and retailers may adopt different solutions,” Ling said. “However, for JD, we already cover all of these, and will continue to sharpen these solutions and others.”

Watch the whole session by registering for Retail Connected 2021 here.

Chenkai Ling, JD.com speaks with Benjamin Zheng, EY at Retail Connected 2021





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