Aug 31, 2021

College Students Returning to School, Prioritize Digital Products

Aug 26, 2021

JD.ID Explores Omni-channel Innovation as Indonesia Warms to E-Commerce

Aug 20, 2021

Report: Automotive Consumption Trends of China’s Gen Z in 2021

Aug 18, 2021

From Gen Z to Silver Seniors: Potential of Chinese Consumption Power

Jul 9, 2021

JD Catering: Reshaping Restaurant Supply Chain in China from Farm to Table


Sep 23, 2021

A Bunch of Niche Fashion Brands Kick Off on

Sep 15, 2021 to Launch New 40,000 Sq.m. Physical Store “JD MALL”

Sep 14, 2021

JD Catering to Partner with Mei-Xin (China) in Offering One-Stop Solution Services

Sep 10, 2021 and Dili Group Open Smart Distribution Center for Fresh Produce in Shouguang

Sep 10, 2021

Jingxi Partners with Suqian for Delivering Fresh Produce


Aug 31, 2021

JD’s Supply Chain Enables Shaanxi Coal Mine to Increase Operation Efficiency Through Automation

Aug 11, 2021

Volvo and JD Partner to Strengthen the Auto Aftermarket

Jul 30, 2021

Behind the Scenes of JD’s Drone Rescue Efforts in Henan

Jul 30, 2021 and Geely Form Partnership in Smart Logistics

Jul 26, 2021

JD Puts Logistics Drones in Henan for Disaster-Relief


Sep 6, 2021

JD Helps CIFTIS Create Digital Show, Again

Sep 1, 2021

JD Contributes to 5G’s Profound Impact across Industries

Aug 6, 2021

JD Explore Academy Publishes AI Responsibility Manifesto with Industry Partners

Aug 5, 2021

JD and Bank of Communications issue RMB 20M E-CNY Packages

Jul 30, 2021 to Invest 12 Billion RMB in Tianjin


Sep 15, 2021 Opens First E-space Store in Indonesia

Sep 9, 2021

JD Launches China-UK All-Cargo Charter Flight

Aug 11, 2021

JD Launches Second China–U.S. Cargo Flight

Jun 19, 2021

Chilean Ambassador Receives Award at JD Headquarters

Jun 18, 2021

Moldova Awarded as the Excellent Growth Partner by


Aug 26, 2021

JD Health H1 FY21 Earnings: Users Growth, Cold Chain Medicine Delivery and Digital Transformation

Aug 20, 2021

JD Health “Family Doctor” Anniversary: Monthly User Growth Rate Doubles

Aug 5, 2021

JD Health May Issue Nucleic Acid Testing Results in Two Hours

Jun 11, 2021

JD Health Launches Online Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Center

Jun 4, 2021

JD Health Launches Service Hotline 950619 and New App


May 31, 2021

JDT Chief Economist: 2B and 2G as the Next Wave of China’s Digitalization

May 31, 2021

JD Logistics’ CEO on Its Advantages, Market Competition and Overseas Plans

May 21, 2021

JDT Chief Economist: Robust Exports Continue to Boost China’s Economy

May 13, 2021

JDT Chief Economist Outlines Highlights and Challenges on China’s Census 2020

May 13, 2021

JD Discusses Retail and Logistics Innovation with International Executives


Aug 18, 2021 Stages Largest Recruitment of Graduates in The Industry by Providing 40,000 Openings in The Past Three Years

Aug 13, 2021

JD to Provide E-Commerce Education in China-Kenya Vocational Training Cooperation

Aug 6, 2021 Raises Inventory of Daily Necessities by Three Times in Coping with Delta Variant Outbreak in China

Aug 6, 2021

JD’s Jingxi to Donate 100,000 Anti-COVID Kits to Nanjing Residents

Aug 3, 2021 Opens 150 Kinds of Positions for Class of 2022


“Responsible #consumption” is about not only satisfying the basic needs of consumers, but also managing the impact and external cost to society and the environment. #SDG12 #SDIS21 @wef

JD Catering will partner with leading food & beverage company Mei-Xin on one-stop catering supply chain solutions, and offer comprehensive support in upstream supply, finance, logistics, etc., to promote product & restaurant standardization and more launched the “JD MALL” brand, the upgraded version of its E-Space omni-channel retail experience store on September 14, via an online press conference. The new shopping destination will first debut in Xi’an, China, on September 30.