May 13, 2022

JD Releases 2022 Instant Food Consumption Trend Report

Apr 29, 2022

Gen Z’s Shopping Trends in China: Happiness First, Smart Products and More

Apr 27, 2022

JD’s Data: Highlights of Third-Party Merchants’ Growth on

Apr 26, 2022 Data: China’s Sports Products Consumption

Mar 17, 2022 Data: Sales Boom for Agricultural Products in the Mid-Spring


May 25, 2022

JD Welcomes Armani Beauty Store

May 24, 2022

LA MER Kicks Off Flagship Store on

May 24, 2022’s Omni-channel Business Adds Weight to 618 Grand Promotion 2022

May 24, 2022 Omnichannel Agricultural Products Wholesale Trading Platform Sees Transaction Boom amid COVID-19

May 23, 2022 Invested Over RMB 40 Billion to Provide Users With Omni-Channel Supply Chain Service


May 26, 2022

JD Delivers Boxes of Huiyuan Juice with Missing Children’s Info

May 20, 2022 Opens First Overseas Service Centers in the US

Apr 30, 2022

JD Logistics Develops Indoor Robot for Last 100-Meter Delivery

Apr 24, 2022 Transported 14,000 Tons of Goods to Shanghai Last Week

Apr 19, 2022

JD Logistics and Dada Boost Recruitment of Couriers in Shanghai


May 27, 2022

Chinese-Culture-Themed Digital Collectibles Go on Sale

May 13, 2022

JD Cloud Unveils Super SaaS Growth Engine to Enhance Retail Business

May 7, 2022

JD Cloud Launches New Cloud App to Further Manage Energy and Reduce Emissions

Apr 25, 2022

JD Opens the Industry’s First Digital Warehouse for Commodity Trade in Qingdao

Apr 20, 2022

JD Cloud Uses Digital Collectibles to Explores Ways of Brand Promotion


May 23, 2022 Kicks Off Annual 618 Grand Promotion with Preferential Benefits for US Merchants Launched Through Shopify Partnership

May 20, 2022 Opens First Overseas Service Centers in the US

Apr 11, 2022 Four Robotic Shops “ochama” Have Been Launched in the Netherlands

Apr 8, 2022

JD Logistics Europe Spotlights Integrated Supply Chain Solutions for Global Brands

Mar 29, 2022

Six-Year Journey of JD.ID: Annual Compound Growth Rate Doubles the Industry Average


May 10, 2022

JD Pharmacy Establishes Women’s Health Care Center to Offer Personalized Support

Apr 25, 2022

JD Health’s Support to Shanghai: Online Consultations, Medicine Supplies, Livestream Sharing, Donations and More

Apr 15, 2022

JD Health Launches World’s First Diagnostic Kit for Methylated Genes of Lung Cancer

Mar 28, 2022

JD Health Releases 2021 Annual Results

Mar 25, 2022

JD Health to Promote Chinese Consumers’ Access to FSMP


Mar 11, 2022

JD Executives on Q4 and Full Year 2021 Earnings Call Highlights

May 31, 2021

JDT Chief Economist: 2B and 2G as the Next Wave of China’s Digitalization

May 31, 2021

JD Logistics’ CEO on Its Advantages, Market Competition and Overseas Plans

May 21, 2021

JDT Chief Economist: Robust Exports Continue to Boost China’s Economy

May 13, 2021

JDT Chief Economist Outlines Highlights and Challenges on China’s Census 2020


May 26, 2022

JD Delivers Boxes of Huiyuan Juice with Missing Children’s Info

May 24, 2022

JD ESG Report: “Compliance Represents Development”

May 24, 2022

JD ESG: Leveraging Supply Chain Capabilities to Consistently Address Environmental Challenges

May 24, 2022

JD ESG: Drive Employment and Empower Talents

May 24, 2022

JD ESG: Protecting Intellectual Property via Technology Innovation


Starting from the International #MissingChildrensDay , JD will carry out the nationwide delivery of Huiyuan juice with its packing boxes printed with missing children's posters. has released its 2021 #ESG report, with a chapter aligning with #TCFD framework for the first time. issued its second annual #ESG Report, outlining the company's 2021 progress in the areas of developing green #supplychains, boosting the real economy, promoting high-quality #consumption and social efficiency, and more. Full report: