Jul 30, 2021

JD.com to Invest 12 Billion RMB in Tianjin

Jul 21, 2021

JD Cloud Releases Industry’s First Hybrid Cloud Operation System

Jun 11, 2021

JD’s DC/EP Program Head Airs on National TV

May 31, 2021

JD Attends Big Data Expo in Guizhou

May 21, 2021

JD Cloud Provides Resources for Enterprises during 618

May 17, 2021

JDT Representative on National TV: Integrate AI to Develop Smart Chatbot for Datong

May 13, 2021

JD Upgrades Chatbot’s Functions for Merchants

May 10, 2021

JDT Chief Economist on National TV: Promoting Consumption Can Improve Enterprises’ Efficiency

May 8, 2021

Datong Residents Enjoy More Attentive Service with the Help of JD Technology

Apr 30, 2021

JD’s Chatbot Lifesaving Program Selected as AI Application Example

Apr 28, 2021

Dr. Yu Zheng Named One of Beijing’s Model Workers

Apr 28, 2021

Gartner Data: JD Cloud among Top 5 IaaS Providers in China

Apr 27, 2021

JD Tests DC/EP Payroll Payment

Apr 25, 2021

JD Technology Participates in One-Year Trial Show of DC/EP

Apr 20, 2021

JD iCity’s Online Expo Solution Recognized as A Model Case by Yunnan

Apr 16, 2021

JD Rolls Out Park Operation System for Jiangsu

Apr 12, 2021

Dr. Bowen Zhou Shares “Trustworthy AI” When Receiving Top AI Award of China

Mar 25, 2021

JD Technology Chief Economist: Chinese monetary policy should also look outward

Mar 11, 2021

JD Enables Datong Residents Service Hotline with AI

Mar 11, 2021

JD Helps SMEs Make Bill Discounting More Efficient

Mar 11, 2021

JD Cloud Drives Digitalization Of Pharmaceutical Company

Mar 10, 2021

Top AI Scholar Heads JD Explore Academy  

Mar 8, 2021

NPC Delegate Highlights Digital Governance System Supported by JD on CCTV

Mar 5, 2021

JD Cloud to Release Self-developed Server

Mar 4, 2021

JD Facilitates Chengdu’s DCEP Test Run