Jul 29, 2021

JD Cloud’s Data Center Awarded as Carbon-Reduction Innovator

Jul 27, 2021

UNGC Names JD.com Among Vanguards in Cutting CO2 Emissions

Jul 23, 2021

Donations from JD’s Warehouses in Henan Reach Stranded Passengers and Hospital Patients

Jul 21, 2021

JD’s Rescue Supplies Rush to Rain-Ravaged Henan from Local Warehouses

Jun 18, 2021

JD Publishes Sustainability Report (2018-2020)

Jun 17, 2021

JD.com Awarded as 2021 Low-carbon Model Company

Jun 8, 2021

P&G and JD Jointly Launch Soccer Field Made from Plastic Bottles

May 25, 2021

JD’s Emergency Aid to Yunnan Earthquake Arrives the Next Morning

May 19, 2021

JD Releases First ESG Report

Apr 23, 2021

JD Foundation Launches Children Books Donation Campaign 2021

Apr 19, 2021

JD ESG: Self-built Donation Platform Improves Efficiency and Impact

Mar 27, 2021

JD.com to Adopt Green Power in its Asia No.1 Logistics Parks

Mar 19, 2021

JD Hosts 10th Plogging Event in Sanya

Mar 18, 2021

In-depth Report: To Make Solutions of Rare Diseases Not Rare

Mar 16, 2021

JD Awarded by Beijing Government for Poverty Alleviation Efforts

Mar 10, 2021

JD: Supporting Rural Revitalization will be a Long-Term Project

Mar 10, 2021

JD’s Asia No.1 Boosts Economic Development of Rural Area

Mar 8, 2021

Periods Shouldn’t be a Financial Burden. Here’s How One Retailer is Helping

Mar 3, 2021

JD Health Celebrates World Hearing Day

Feb 28, 2021

JD Health Establishes Rare Diseases Care Center

Feb 25, 2021

Over 100 JD Partners Won National Poverty Alleviation Awards

Feb 9, 2021

JD Voluntarily Transports COVID-19 Vaccine

Feb 1, 2021

JD.com Ranked on FORTUNE 2021 World’s Most Admired Companies List

Feb 1, 2021

JD Pet Brings Chinese New Year Warmth to Homeless Animals

Jan 22, 2021

JD Health’s Relief Supplies Arrived in Shijiazhuang