Mar 15, 2024

JD Health Enhances Eldercare Services with Key Partnerships at Beijing Conference

Jan 31, 2024

JD Health Launches Comprehensive Elderly Care Channel, Delivering Online Health Solutions for China’s Aging Population

Sep 14, 2023

JD Health Dispatches Expert Physician and Donates Critical Supplies for Earthquake Relief in Morocco

Jul 24, 2023

JD Health Brings No-Cost Medical Consultations and Care to Guizhou’s Mountainous Regions

Apr 27, 2023

JD Health Launches Online Skin Hospital, Providing Easy Health Solutions for 1.2 Billion People in China

Mar 2, 2023

JD Health Releases “Doctor-Searching Map for Rare Diseases”

Feb 16, 2023

JD Health: CEO Shows Remarkable Reporting Card

Jan 13, 2023

JD Health Offers Free Antipyretics and Online Consultation to Help Rural China Fight COVID

Jan 11, 2023

JD Takes Action to Ease Medicine Shortages in Rural Areas

Dec 30, 2022

JD Health Expands Digital Efforts in Supporting the Surge of COVID Patients in China

Dec 16, 2022

JD Pet Health Claps with US Brand Zesty Paws to Explore China’s Pet Market

Dec 10, 2022

JD Health Opens 24/7 Online Anti-COVID Consultations as Virus Controls Loosen

Dec 8, 2022

Three Ways JD Health Works with UNAIDS to Prevent AIDS in China

Nov 16, 2022

JD Health: Diversified Demands Drove Growth during 2022 Singles’ Day Grand Promotion

Nov 9, 2022

JD Health Integrates Pet Pharmacy and Hospital for One-Stop Service

Oct 12, 2022

Six Ways Supports Its Elderly Shoppers

Sep 9, 2022

JD Health’s “Pharmacy Clinic” Awarded at CIFTIS

Aug 29, 2022

JD Health Interim Financial Report: Focus on Two-Wheels-Driven Growth

Aug 22, 2022

JD Health Joins Hands with Charitable Foundations

Jul 1, 2022

JD Health Acquires Pet Care Business

Jun 30, 2022

JD Health Launched Online Pharmacy Consulting Service

Jun 28, 2022

JD Report: China’ s Eye-Care Market Has Huge Potential

Jun 24, 2022

Over 1,500 Nutrition Brands on JD Health Doubled Sales YoY during JD618 Grand Promotion

Jun 23, 2022

JD618: Three Consumption Trends of China’s Pet Market

May 30, 2022

Doctor of JD Health: Telemedicine to Support UNFPA’s Call to Prevent Unintended Pregnancies