Apr 30, 2022

JD Logistics Develops Indoor Robot for Last 100-Meter Delivery

Apr 24, 2022

JD.com Transported 14,000 Tons of Goods to Shanghai Last Week

Apr 19, 2022

JD Logistics and Dada Boost Recruitment of Couriers in Shanghai

Apr 19, 2022

Over 3000 JD.com Employees Rush to Shanghai to Support Delivery

Apr 14, 2022

JD.com’s Newly Built Warehouse in Shanghai Transformed into Mobile Cabin Hospital

Apr 14, 2022

JD.com Sent 100+ Robots to Shanghai for Last-Mile Delivery

Apr 8, 2022

JD Logistics Europe Spotlights Integrated Supply Chain Solutions for Global Brands

Apr 2, 2022

JD Service Plus Builds All-in-One Supply Chain Solutions for EV Charging Pools

Mar 31, 2022

JD.com Utilizes Robots in Shanghai for Contactless Delivery

Mar 25, 2022

JD.com Launches Cargo Flights from China to Brazil and Germany

Mar 17, 2022

JD and Sinopec to Build Digital Supply Chain Model Aiming Broad Partnership

Mar 15, 2022

SEVEN FRESH Deploys Autonomous Vehicles in Shenzhen as COVID-19 Severely Recurs

Mar 11, 2022

With Over Half Earnings from Outside, JD Logistics 2021 Revenue Surpasses RMB 100 Billion Yuan

Dec 24, 2021

Guangzhou Huadu District Partners with JD Logistics on Smart Last Mile Delivery

Dec 22, 2021

JD.com to Partner with Shandong Energy Group Company in Rural Revitalization

Dec 16, 2021

JD Logistics Inks Partnership with Dongfeng Automobile

Dec 3, 2021

JD Logistics: Technology and New Trend of Unmanned Vehicle Deliveries

Nov 25, 2021

JD Logistics Helps China Southern Power Grid Warehouse Go Smart

Oct 28, 2021

JD Logistics Deploys Autonomous Delivery Vehicles to Locked Down Beijing Neighborhood Amid Outbreak

Oct 18, 2021

JD Logistics Spotlights Air Cargo and Automated Warehouses for Global Expansion

Oct 18, 2021

GSSC: JD Logistics to Invest RMB 1 Billion for Green Supply Chain and Adopt Thousands of Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

Sep 30, 2021

JD Brings Smart Logistics Park to Xinjiang

Aug 31, 2021

JD’s Supply Chain Enables Shaanxi Coal Mine to Increase Operation Efficiency Through Automation

Aug 11, 2021

Volvo and JD Partner to Strengthen the Auto Aftermarket

Jul 30, 2021

Behind the Scenes of JD’s Drone Rescue Efforts in Henan