Apr 27, 2023

JD Airlines Launches All-cargo Route from Beijing to Shenzhen

Apr 26, 2023

JD Logistics Transforms Medicine Delivery in Chinese Hospitals through Integration with Express Delivery Service

Apr 12, 2023

JD Logistics Launches the World’s First Supply Chain Emission Management Platform for Logistics Industry

Apr 4, 2023

Lord Mayor of Manchester Commends JD Logistics for Bolstering E-Commerce and the Local Economy

Mar 2, 2023

Inside Look: Introducing JD.com’s Newest Self-Operating Warehouse in California

Feb 8, 2023

JD Logistics Helps Malaysian Baby and Maternal Brand Improve Fulfillment Efficiency

Jan 18, 2023

JD to Provide RMB 500 Million Allowances to Front-line Workers during Chinese New Year

Jan 11, 2023

JD Takes Action to Ease Medicine Shortages in Rural Areas

Jan 3, 2023

JD.com Kicks Off 2023 Chinese New Year Promotion with Holiday Delivery

Jan 3, 2023

JD Logistics Airlines Adds All-cargo Routes

Dec 27, 2022

JD Logistics Operates Auto Parts Warehouses for SGMW

Dec 15, 2022

JD.com Dispatches Over 1,000 Couriers from Nationwide to Ensure Last-mile Delivery in Beijing

Dec 8, 2022

JD Logistics Partners with Poland’s Largest Retail Chain Biedronka

Dec 5, 2022

JD Logistics Launches Its Second Warehouse in Dubai

Nov 22, 2022

JD Logistics Airlines Launches Shenzhen–Hangzhou Route

Nov 11, 2022

JD Issues “De-Carbon Vouchers” to Raise Awareness of Green Logistics

Nov 9, 2022

JD Logistics Operates 700 Delivery Robots to Serve This Singles’ Day

Oct 27, 2022

Technology Powers JD Logistics’ Fast Service during Singles’ Day Grand Promotion

Oct 13, 2022

JD.com and Tyson Build Automated Cold Chain Warehouse in China

Sep 2, 2022

International Journalists Visit Headquarters of JD.com And Asia No. 1 in Beijing

Sep 1, 2022

JD Airlines Receives Air Carrier Certificate from CAAC

Aug 25, 2022

JD Logistics Interim 2022 Financial Results Show Strong Growth

Aug 19, 2022

JD Logistics Put Battery Swapping Vehicles in Use

Aug 10, 2022

JD Logistics Among World’s Top 10 Strongest Logistics Brands

Aug 5, 2022

JD Logistics Rolls Out Customized Solutions as Pre-Cooked Food Market in China Booms