About Liu Qiangdong, JD.com CEO


JD.com, founded by Liu Qiangdong, started as a tiny business that eventually grew to become the largest IPO of 2014 at the time of its NASDAQ public listing. Liu Qiangdong’s resume includes professional achievements and business ventures with a continuous trajectory of growth. As an entrepreneur, he has utilized both business savvy and intrinsic beliefs to realize his vision. 

Throughout this journey, Liu Qiangdong has always stressed the importance of customer service, and a commitment to making a positive impact through business.

Richard Liu, founder at JD.com

Liu Qiangdong, Founder & CEO of JD.com

The son of coal-shipping parents, Qiangdong was born in China, where his formal education culminated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the People’s University of China. During his studies, he also spent significant amounts of time learning about computer programming, coding, and the expanding world of the internet, with its newly developing e-commerce landscape.

Following University, Liu Qiangdong rose through the ranks at herbal supplement giant Japan Life, where he eventually became a Director of Computers and Service. Eventually, he embarked on his own entrepreneurial adventure, after renting a small retail space within China’s tech hub, where he sold magneto-optical goods. Successful from the first foray, he grew this concept into a local chain of over a dozen retail spaces. However, with the country’s widespread SARS epidemic looming, Liu Qiangdong saw the writing on the wall in terms of the shifting retail climate. As increasing numbers of potential customers chose to shop from within their homes, he recognized the need to adapt his business model to thrive within this newly burgeoning set of circumstances. Thus, he chose to eliminate physical retail spaces, and focus his endeavors on selling his goods via an e-commerce platform, through his first company, Jingdong.

Eventually, this venture would come to be known as JD.com, with Liu Qiangdong focused on further development of proprietary platforms, advanced technology that would assist with a seamless customer experience, and bolstered relationships with various shippers to ensure same-day, or next-day delivery to a population of over one billion people. 

Liu Qiangdong JD.com

Liu Qiangdong speaks to JD.com employees

The company now boasts the largest fleet of drones on hand for delivery services, partners with industry giants to provide a vast array of quality goods, and features unmatched customer service, ensuring a positive experience for its more than 300 million active users. JD.com has become China’s go-to site for fast service, authentic goods, and a shopping experience tailored to today’s online shoppers. Within this very carefully built company, each facet of this experience has been painstakingly thought out, and constructed with Liu Qiangdong’s original vision in mind.

With continued success, and many accolades, the company looks forward to expanding its region of influence into Thailand, Southeast Asia, Europe and beyond. JD.com also looks to continuously expand product offerings, drawing international attention from various other leaders within the retail, and e-commerce realm. The company looks forward to long-term partnerships with these companies, and continued positive global business relationships