Apr 13, 2022|

China National Service Corporation Opens Duty-Free Stores on JD Worldwide


by Doris Liu

China National Service Corporation (CNSC), a subsidiary of Sinopharm, recently launched its duty-free stores in collaboration with JD Worldwide in the form of mini-programs, providing visitors to Hainan province with international brands.

The two mini-programs, “CNSC Duty-Free Store” and “CNSC Member Store”, can be accessed by typing the names on JD’s app or scanning the QR codes with JD’s app or Tencent’s WeChat scanner.

Visitors to Hainan can make purchases in the mini-programs 30 days before their departure from the island at the earliest, and can choose to pick up the goods at designated pick-up points or have them delivered by mail when they leave Hainan. Moreover, consumers without Hainan departure record can place orders for goods in CNSC Member Store.

In February 2022, CNSC and a joint venture between JD and its French partner Lagardère Travel Retail entered into cooperation to leverage all sides’ advantageous resources and strengthen CNSC’s online and offline duty-free business, cross-border e-commerce and so on. The launch of the mini-programs this time was part of the cooperation.

With a network operating in China, Japan and UAE (Dubai), CNSC is one of the key partners in JD Worldwide’s development of duty-free business. In the future, the two parties will explore a wider scope for duty-free collaboration and provide a better duty-free shopping experience.

JD Mini Program Open Platform, launched in 2020, is opening not only to brands and merchants on JD’s platforms, but also external partners from various industries. It aims to develop independent mini programs across the various apps in JD’s ecosystem such as the JD.com and the JD Finance apps. Thanks to the company’s partnership with Tencent, programs can be seamlessly adapted for the WeChat platform.

Any international brand interested in building their business with JD in China can apply via https://www.jd.hk/cooperation_en or by emailing worldwide@jd.com.