Jul 12, 2021|

Danish Ambassador and Faroes Representation Head Visit JD to Expand Cooperation


by Ling Cao

The Ambassador of Denmark to China, H.E. Thomas Østrup Møller, and Head of Representation of the Faroes, Mr. Sigmundur Isfeld, as well as the Denmark delegation with brands representatives from Arla, Carlserg, Chuner and Danish Crown, visited JD’s SEVEN FRESH Dazu store in Beijing on July. 9 to discuss the potential cooperation between Denmark and JD.com.

During the event, Ambassador Thomas accepted the “Friend of JD – Excellent Growth Partner” award, which commemorates the wide-ranging and successful development of the working relationship between Denmark and JD.com.

Larry Lee presented the award to Ambassador Thomas

“We are here to expand the cooperation we have with JD. I believe this way of working with the market is quite amazing and this is also something we can learn in Denmark. I do believe we are entering some very interesting territory, and I do encourage (Denmark) companies to use all of their ability to take advantage of (JD),” said Ambassador Thomas.

“For the benefit of JD, our exporters, and Chinese customers, we should enhance our cooperation and see in the future how we can make your platform our platform,” said Isfeld.

Historically, Danish brands including Lego, Danisa cookies, Arla dairy, B&O and Ecco have been popular on JD. Furthermore, JD Health and the Kingdom of Denmark have recently pursued further cooperation in the health and wellness sector.

“We are grateful for the Danish Embassy’s support of JD’s retail business over the years. The ambassador is a strong advocate for promoting the cooperation between Denmark and JD.com, China’s largest retailer, online or offline,” said Larry Lee, vice president of JD.com. “We are thrilled that we are further expanding our partnership into other areas, such as healthcare, and hope this is only the beginning of more to come.”

James Ye, general manager of JD Fresh shared during the event, “Denmark is a country with high-quality agricultural resources and has had a good trade relationship with China for a long time. Since JD Fresh’s establishment in 2016, it has maintained a close relationship with corporations from Denmark. We have launched lots of seafood online from Greenland and the Faroe Islands, and daily consumer products such as pork, cream and cheese.”

“They are becoming more and more popular on our platform. The sales of these products on JD.com have maintained rapid growth in the past few years,” added Ye.

Clark Meng, general manager of merchandising at SEVEN FRESH, hosted a tour with the delegation at the store, introducing the omni-channel operation, which is a growing trend for the Chinese market.

The event was part of JD’s overall celebration of this year’s 618 Grand Promotion, one of the biggest mid-year shopping festivals in the world. The promotion also featured an earlier event at JD headquarters on June 18, JD’s 18th anniversary, attended by embassy representatives of 15 countries in honor of their efforts to foster a positive trade environment between their respective countries and China, and in contributing to the increasing internationalization of JD’s 618 Grand Promotion.


Banner photo: Ambassador Thomas (fifth from the right), Mr. Sigmundur Isfeld (fourth from the right), Larry Lee (sixth from the right), James Ye (seventh from the right) and Clark Meng (sixth from the left) attended the event with Denmark and JD.com representatives.