Oct 13, 2020|

In Case of Rabies, JD Health’s 24/7 Online Medical Services May Save Lives


by Vivian Yang

JD Health’s “Family Doctor” telemedicine program raised awareness of rabies prevention and vaccination priorities on the 14th World Rabies Day on September 28th. If a person is accidentally bitten or scratched by a potentially infected animal, an immediate doctor consultation with JD’s 24/7 telemedicine services could be critical in helping them judge how to deal with the emergency.

Rabies is an acute zoonotic disease with an almost 100% fatality rate in the case of infection—but fortunately, the incubation period following exposure can take more than 10 days, and the application of fast-acting rabies immunoglobulin and vaccination is highly effective in preventing infection. That means that the faster doctors can be consulted for treatment information and guidance, the higher the chances of survival.

The rabies risk degree can be divided into three grades. Grade I exposure refers to contact with animals with intact skin, which is relatively safe; Grade II exposure is usually a slight bite or scratch without bleeding, in which case immediate treatment such as deep washing with clean water and the injection of a rabies vaccine are needed; Grade III means that there are multiple bites or scratches that have damaged the skin with open wounds contaminated with saliva, in such case the patient needs to be immediately injected with rabies immunoglobulin and vaccination as soon as possible following exposure.

Through JD Health’s Family Doctor program, patients can communicate with their designated doctors online around the clock via text messaging, images, videos, and phone calls.