Feb 20, 2021|

In Wake of Disasters and Pandemic, JD.ID Video Campaign Celebrates New Chances 


by Kelly Dawson

After Indonesia faced a difficult start to 2021 including massive flooding, a devastating earthquake and the ongoing pandemic, JD.ID is looking to the future with renewed resolve, releasing a video campaign that celebrates new chances and challenges that have been overcome.


“For all the resolutions that have been born, all the spirits that have been built, JD.ID has attempted to be present—with sincere dedication, more reliable and continuous communications, as well as smiles, to give a sense of comfort and safety,” the video expresses.

A montage of excited faces is seen, each person reacting as a package is opened, with every item representing a new chance to “reassemble a dream,” the video states.

According to a JD.ID spokesperson, the video was inspired by a hope that the new year may bring chances for people to finally achieve the goals that were set aside in 2020. “Because of the events of 2020, many people’s plans were cancelled and postponed, bringing a lot of disappointment,” the spokesperson said. “Now, as we face 2021 and also the Year of the Ox after the recent Lunar New Year, we would like to start the year with resolution and a goal to help people achieve a joyful moment.”

Also seen in the video are JD.ID couriers, warehouse workers and customer service representatives hard at work. Their shirts read, “Make joy happen,” along with JD.ID’s guiding principles: #Ownership, #CustomerFirst, #Integrity, #Gratitude, and #Collaboration.

In order to support people’s goals, JD.ID aims to offer reliable service, continuous communication to better understand customers’ needs, and to provide a sense of comfort and safety, the spokesperson said. “We can make joy happen this year.”