Sep 2, 2022|

International Journalists Visit Headquarters of And Asia No. 1 in Beijing


by Mengyang He

In collaboration with the All-China Journalists Association, invited nearly 40 journalists from 24 international media outlets on a media tour on August 30, including those from Austria, Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, South Korea, Spain, Vietnam, and more. The visit showcased’s headquarters and Asia No. 1 Intelligent Logistics Park in Beijing, marking most journalists’ first encounter with “The media tour was very informative and interesting to see the operations in real time,” said a journalist from Brazil. “We were able to have a close look at the complexity of’s supply chain system.”

Hui Liu, Director of Consumption and Industry Development Research Institute of, and Ping Zhao, Vice President of Academy of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, were invited to share their insights into the development of China’s supply chain and the integration of digital technology and the real economy.

The visit at the headquarters

“The value of’s supply chain no longer resides in commercial or industrial aspects, as it has evolved into the societal level, where it empowers partners and the society especially in critical times through its responsible supply chain,” said Hui Liu.

Ping Zhao noted, “The synergy of partners from upstream and downstream has become crucial for the entire industry, and an integrated supply chain would come in handy for enterprises, especially SMEs, to lower costs and enhance efficiency.”

The visit at Asia No. 1 Intelligent Logistics Park in Beijing

As of June 30, 2022, has a total of 32 Asia No. 1 Logistics Parks in operation across China, each equipped with an independently built shuttle system, AGV (automated ground vehicles), and high-speed sorting system, which together represent the cutting-edge technology JD possesses in the process of fulfillment.

As of now, Die Presse from Austria and The RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) from Germany among others have published reports on the visit, showing some highlights during the media tour.