May 20, 2022|

JD Commits to Inclusive Employment Through “Sunshine Angel Initiative”


by Mengyang He

JD recently released a music video during China’s 32nd National Disability Day, aiming to recognize their hard work and reaffirm JD’s commitment to inclusive employment through the “Sunshine Angel Initiative” in JD’s customers service centers across China. The music of this video was composed by a band of JD’s employees with disabilities.

One of the band’s lead singers, Saimin Bi, used to be actively involved in volunteer work organized by the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, promoting the employment of people with disabilities. Shenghua Luo, also a lead singer, has taken part in volunteer activities for people with disabilities over 800 person-times. The guitarist Yanming Li made personal donations to 25 families with hopes to brighten their futures. The ocarina player Xinguo Wang has offered financial aid to impoverished children for four years. Jian Li, the drummer, is JD’s 10-year veteran and has helped 80,000 people find their jobs. The keyboard player is Yunhao Li, who received UNICEF’s honorary credential for his continuous support for impoverished children.

Started in 2013, JD’s “Sunshine Angel Initiative” has committed to helping people with disabilities better integrate into society, encouraging them to chase their dreams, and raising awareness of this community.

Inclusive opportunities are at the heart of JD’s employment principles. JD Retail’s customer service center set up a designated department to recruit people with disabilities. According to JD’s data, 186 employees with disabilities hired by JD worked in the customers service centers in China’s southern cities of Suqian (Jiangsu province), Yangzhou (Jiangsu province), and Chengdu (Sichuan province) in 2021.