Jan 26, 2021|

JD Couriers Ensure Meal Delivery to Frontline in Jilin


by Hui Zhang

Four JD Logistics couriers can finally take a break after travelling more than 1,000 kilometers for 3 days to deliver free meals to community workers and nucleic acid testers in Songyuan, Jilin province after four COVID-19 cases were found locally on Jan. 19.

That 640,000 nucleic acid tests which needed to be done within 3 days in this city kept everyone on their toes, with a major problem being how to feed every community worker and nucleic acid tester.

Zhi Wang, a JD Logistics courier who is responsible for furniture, home appliances and other heavy goods delivery, contacted the local epidemic prevention department to work as a volunteer to deliver meals for those working on the frontline. Echoing his idea, three other JD Logistics couriers Guanming Jiang, Xin Tong and Qingyuan Meng also joined in to ensure meals were delivered in time.

The four couriers formed a volunteer team and worked for nearly 16 hours from 4 am to 8 pm every day from Jan. 19-22 in the cold, with temperatures falling below -15 degrees Celsius.


“I usually arrived home at seven or eight o’clock at night. Getting a disinfection, taking a shower and then going to bed as quickly as possible in preparation for the next busy day has become a routine for me. I sometimes even did not want to answer the phone after a busy day, but I think everything was worth it,” said Wang.

Wang’s wife, who is pregnant for more than six months, has offered her husband great support.

“It is incumbent on me and my family to support my husband as he has the opportunity to contribute to our hometown,” said Wang’s wife.

According to local government, there were 3,734 medical workers working at 415 nucleic acid testing stations from Jan. 19-22. Behind them, there are 544 volunteers who contributed in their own way to the smooth running of the testing process.