Oct 20, 2020|

JD Health and Omron Join Hands to Explore Intelligent Health Management Solutions


by Vivian Yang

JD Health’s heart center and Japanese electronics manufacturer Omron reached an agreement on October 12th to deepen cooperation on co-creating intelligent health management solutions for chronic diseases.

Under the cooperation agreement, the two sides will use their respective advantageous resources to offer more convenient, professional and creative health management services, including co-designing devices for blood pressure management, telemedicine services, and more.

Dr. Hu Dayi, one of China’s top cardiologists and the leading expert of JD Health’s heart center, attended the cooperation launching ceremony. He noted that there is an urgent need to facilitate frequent communication between chronic disease patients and their doctors, for the purposes of monitoring their real-time health conditions.

“I’m pleased to see the cooperation between JD Health’s heart center and Omron,”  Hu said. “The realization of data connection, daily blood pressure monitoring and recording are of great help for patients’ chronic diseases management and rehabilitation.”

Omron opened its professional health research center in 1961, which provides home-based health monitoring services, effective assistance on disease prevention and treatment, and intelligent health management connection between homes and hospitals. Through the cooperation, the two sides aim to bring a one-stop and closed-loop blood pressure management experience that are supported by hardware, software and telehealth services, according to Yao Zhao, general manager of Omron Healthcare (China) Co., Ltd.

JD Health’s platform is able to connect with doctors, medical institutions and medical instrument manufacturers on a large scale, and can provide full life cycle health management services for its users through big data sharing.

Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health, said that the company will continue to put its users at the center to carry forward services for more special diseases both online and offline, promoting greater connection and integration of China’s medical resources.

JD Health’s heart center currently consists of four departments: cardiology, cardiac surgery, prevention and rehabilitation, and psycho-cardiology. Led by Dr. Hu, the center offers access to more than 700 cardiovascular experts in China via telemedicine services.