Jun 2, 2021|

JD Health and Sanofi China Expand Collaboration on Digitalized Services


by Vivian Yang

JD Health and Sanofi China will expand their existing collaboration to building general and digitalized health management solutions for patients with chronic diseases in China, as announced on Jun. 1.

Based on the “internet + healthcare” model, the cooperation aims to benefit more patients across the country with premier medical services and relieve pressure on the overloaded public medical system.

Under the new agreement, the two companies will work together in five main areas: prescription medicines, vaccines, consumer health products, medical services and commercial insurance, covering extensive medical services prior, during and after diagnosis, and will explore innovations in medical payments to improve patients’ overall telemedicine usage experience.

Leveraging digital technologies including AI, big data, IoT and more, the collaboration seeks to address the current challenges surrounding telemedicine services such as users’ lack of trust in telemedicine doctors, doctors’ response speed to online queries, and how personalized their feedback can be, as well as concerns as to the source, quality and transportation safety of medicines ordered online.

“As an industry precursor under the country’s ‘Digital China’ blueprint in the 14th Five-Year Plan, Sanofi China is accelerating our own digital transformation and adopting various digital innovations to improve patients’ prognosis, committing to building a higher level digitalized medical ecosystem,” said Dr. Pius S. Hornstein, country lead, Sanofi China. “JD Health’s excellent service capabilities and complete ecosystem in these areas give a good push for this cooperation to offer all-round support to customers in China.”

Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health noted that “JD Health is an integrated ‘internet +healthcare” platform combining both online and offline services. We hope to bring in all kinds of chronic disease management service abilities on this platform in order to create diversified service experience for our customers. JD Health and Sanofi have great potential to collaborate further in this area. Both sides will pool premier resources together to advance the establishment of integrated healthcare solutions including disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, follow-up cares and more, promoting the standardization of the ‘internet+healthcare’ industry.”

Since October 2020, JD Health and Sanofi China have cooperated on providing comprehensive services for diabetes treatment and management, spanning online medical consultations, prescription refills, cold chain distribution of insulin, blood glucose management, and diabetes education. A number of Sanofi’s cold chain medicines, such as Lantus and Dupixent, are available online via JD Pharmacy and distributed to patients nationwide through JD’s proprietary cold chain network.

Banner photo: Dr. Pius S. Hornstein (third from the left), country lead, Sanofi China and Lijun Xin (third from the right), CEO of JD Health at the cooperation launching ceremony