Jan 28, 2021|

JD Health Draws Elders Closer to Doctors via Smart Speaker


by Vivian Yang

Replacing typing with voice and video calls, JD Health introduced tailor-made telehealth services targeted at elderly users on Jan. 28 – an ideal New Year gift for parents during the Spring Festival.

“Using smart phones to exchange text and image messages with online doctors may cause some inconvenience for elderly people,” said Nan Lu, general manager of the “family docter” service  department of JD Health. “So we brought in a smart speaker in our updated service program dedicated to elderly users. With an adaptive interface, they can easily talk and see their family doctors.”

With a customized JD smart speaker as part of the updated gift package for parents, users can use voice commands to activate JD Health’s“family doctor” telehealth service to get 24/7 unlimited medical and health advice.

The AI-based speaker can understand a variety of dialects, ensuring most people living in different areas in China can have a smooth interaction with the system.

By connecting and sharing data from the speaker, users’ adult children can access their parent’s health reports via smartphone. Family doctors can also connect with the children to discuss their parents’ health conditions.

JD Health introduced tailor-made telehealth services targeted at elderly users

“Many people cannot return to their hometowns for a family reunion this year due to the pandemic. The gift package for parents can help them stay connected and accompanied,” said Lu. “We will continue to update the functions of the speaker. For example, in the future, children may use their mobile phones to remotely set pill reminders on the speaker for their parents.”

Elderly users can also use the smart speaker to make easy phone calls with their children, control other home appliances, check weather forecast, and listen to the news, music and entertainment programs.

JD Health's family doctors at work

JD Health’s family doctors at work

JD Health launched the “family doctor” service based on an “internet +healthcare” model in August 2020. This telehealth service is tailored to the needs of an increasing number of Chinese families seeking more timely, consistent and comprehensive healthcare support.