Jul 27, 2020|

JD Health Established its 1st Diabetes Center in Guangdong with Clifford Hospital


by Vivian Yang

On July 24th in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, JD Health and Guangdong Clifford Hospital(广东祈福医院) held the unveiling ceremony of the “Diabetes Intelligent Care Center”, their collaborative project. This center is JD Health’s third official hospital partner and the first partner in Guangdong. It is designed to provide intelligent care assistance to diabetes patients via its comprehensive “internet+healthcare” services.

JD Health and Guangdong Clifford Hospital held the unveiling ceremony of the “Diabetes Intelligent Care Center”

Guangdong Clifford Hospital is a renowned hospital combining TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and western medicine. Professor Zhou Minwei, deputy director of Guangdong Clifford Hospital, said that diabetes is closely related to many cardiovascular diseases. The establishment of the intelligent diabetes care center will further expand the scale of patients that the hospital can manage. It will also support the medical staff in the endocrinology department as they explore new treatment models and methods to reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease and other complications.


In their partnership, JD Health and Clifford Hospital will, using their respective strengths, create a standardized process for diabetes patients, build customized plans for each patient in terms of diet, exercise, health data monitoring, drug use, etc., and provide targeted care and guidance for patients with cognitive impairments. All the data about the patients will be collected and uploaded through intelligent hardware onto the care center platform where patients’ real-time health reports will be automatically generated. This will help doctors to update and optimize their diagnosis and treatment plans, a process that greatly improves the effectiveness of medical services for the patients while reducing expenses. Additionally, with the integration of online and offline services built by JD Health, patients can purchase medical products and services online and go to offline care centers to use relevant services.


Prior to its official launch, the center has been operating in a trial phase for over a year. Over 300 patients have used the online services during this period and expressed their satisfaction. During COVID-19, drug supplies, blood glucose monitoring, and health management services were not interrupted at all. Instead, the online platform provided timely reminders and regular interactions with patients. This was especially helpful during such an irregular time, particularly to non-local patients.


A lifelong chronic metabolic disease, diabetes takes a long time for doctors to treat and manage. There have been long-existing difficulties such as whole process disease treatment management, real-time patient data monitoring, and rapid adjustment of medical plans depending on changing patient situations. The deployment of the intelligent care center equips endocrinologists with AI-powered tools for easy and real-time integration of online medical consultations, diagnostics, prescriptions, and health management.