Mar 29, 2021|

JD Health FY 2020: Prioritizing Patients


People remain a core driving motivation for how JD Health is shaping its plans for the future, according to CEO Xin Lijun, in a statement accompanying the release of JD Health’s 2020 financial results on Mar. 29.

“We are conscious that our work can make a significant and long-standing impact on improving people’s health,” Xin writes.

As of Dec. 31, 2020, annual active user accounts reached 89.9 million, an increase of 33.7 million YOY; and average daily consultations exceeded 100,000, which is more than 5 times of that in 2019, according to the financial results, which are the first since the company’s listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Dec. 8, 2020.

In the results, the company lays out its goal to service a user’s full life span for all healthcare needs. To this end, JD Health is providing users with online consultations for a variety of medical concerns including psychological counseling; integration with offline hospitals to ensure access and convenience when offline consultations are necessary; and a wide selection of pharmaceutical and healthcare products of more than 20 million SKUs at competitive prices, with next-day, same-day and 30-minute delivery services, Xin notes in his statement. Additionally, JD Health’s telemedicine services are now enabling people in rural areas to receive high-quality care that was previously unavailable to them without long-distance travel.

Xin also reflects on the tumultuous events of 2020, and how JD Health responded to COVID-19 during the early days of the crisis. He recalls an anecdote that he believes is representative of JD Health’s commitment to fighting the pandemic:  In an email calling all full-time online doctors to return to work during Chinese New Year 2020, the head of JD Health’s doctors team wrote, “If we do more, it will be easier for our colleagues on the frontlines.”

As the crisis accelerated, JD Health leveraged its strength in supply chain and medical and health services to rapidly donate much-needed medical supplies to the frontlines, launched China’s first online booking platform for COVID-19 nucleic acid testing services in China, and set up free online medical consultation services that proved essential during a time when most were stuck at home—many with health concerns and anxieties.

Many industry experts now credit the pandemic with spurring the growth of China’s telemedicine industry, but even as life has gradually normalized, JD Health’s annual results reveal that the rapid growth of China’s telemedicine industry will likely continue. The company is well positioned to meet that growth head on, and will ensure that customers and patients remain the priority.

“We will strive to pursue our long-term vision of making Chinese people healthier,” Xin writes.