Apr 24, 2020|

JD Health Launched Its Diabetes Center to Provide Comprehensive Management for Patients


by Tracy Yang

JD Health Diabetes Center was officially launched on April 15th. Leveraging JD’s strong technology capabilities in artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of things, combined with the online consultation, prescription purchase and drug delivery capabilities of JD Internet Hospital, JD Health is developing a closed-loop, integrated online and offline, diabetes management mechanism, comprehensively improve the efficiency of diabetes diagnosis and treatment to make it more scientific and effective.

JD Health App Interface

According to JD.com’s big data, more than 10 million users bought or browsed for diabetes-related products online in 2019, of which more than one million have used JD Health’s online consultation platform. This is equivalent to 20 people seeking diabetes-related help on JD.com per minute. However, this consumption data does not lead to improvements in the blood glucose levels of diabetic patients, primarily because of the lack of health management for diabetic patients.

Ronghua Xiong, General Manager of JD Health Chronic Disease Project Department said, “The epidemic has accelerated the development of Internet + Medical Health. The JD Health Diabetes Center will continue to enrich and improve health management services centered on public health and patients’ interests. We will promote the integrated development of diabetes prevention and diagnosis and treatment, and explore a digital, software + hardware , in and out of hospital, online and offline chronic disease prevention and control model in line with China’s national standards. From the establishment of the cardiology center to the launch of the diabetes center, JD Health is constantly focused on innovating the Internet medical model for specialties, and has become the ‘chief health butler’ of the general public.”

The JD Health Diabetes Center will set up an AI doctor’s studio for endocrinologists and equip them with efficient and smart management tools and professional medical assistants. Doctors can provide online consultation, prescription, prevention and control management services for patients anytime and anywhere, and patients can enjoy JD.com’s high-quality drug supply chain services and drug delivery services.

In addition, the JD Health Diabetes Center will work with many hospitals to build an Internet + Diabetes Intelligent Care Center. By creating a standardized care process and formulating personalized management plans for patients from multiple dimensions such as diet and medication, patient data will be collected and uploaded through smart hardware and health reports will be generated automatically. Doctors can update and optimize the diagnosis and treatment plan in real time according to the report.

JD Health will also drive traffic for smart care centers. Patients purchase relevant products and services online on JD and enjoy them at offline care centers, achieving an integrated online and offline medical experience. At the same time, JD Health works with hospitals to jointly build regional diabetes data centers to help the Chinese Diabetes Society and other institutions jointly apply for diabetes related topics and clinical academic research.

As a lifelong chronic metabolic disease, diabetes has a long course and is difficult to manage. Figuring out a way to participate in the whole journey of diabetes management has always been a difficult problem for clinicians in endocrinology departments. The JD Health Diabetes Center cooperated with endocrine departments and doctors from hospitals across the country to build a comprehensive diabetes management services platform.