May 18, 2021|

JD Logistics and China Railway Container Transport Cooperates in Intermodality


by Ling Cao

JD Logistics and China Railway Container Transport (CRCT) has announced a partnership in intermodality, which refers to combining different modes of transport for a seamless experience. A signing ceremony was held on May 17 at JD headquarters. Both sides will utilize capabilities in integrated supply chain, rail cargo transportation, logistics information and technological devices, to develop domestic and international routes. They will also cooperate in marketing, transportation management, station building and system upgrading.

CRCT is a state owned container freight transport enterprise under China National Railway. It covers three key areas: a China-Europe freight train, rail and sea express, as well as intermodality vehicles.

The cooperation will help satisfy transportation demands for large volume, long-distance and time-sensitive goods.

The agreement also involves overseas warehouse establishment, cross-border supply chain integration and standard service products expansion, creating an integrated supply chain capability with access to worldwide resources.

A representative involved in the project said: “This is a key step to deepen our cooperation and increase order volume. We believe the partnership will greatly help optimize logistics resource allocation, explore innovative models, and build a higher quality and more efficient logistics network, contributing to economic development.”


(Banner photo: Jun Fan, vice president of, head of transportation resources platform at JD Logistics (second from left); Boling Han, general manager at CRCT (second from right); Yang Yang, head of rail transportation at transportation resources platform at JD Logistics (far left); and Jinhua Ge, deputy general manager at CRCT(far right) were present for the signing ceremony)