Apr 29, 2022|

JD Partners with Schneider to Lead Standardized Product Database


by Vivian Yang

JD Industrial Supply and Schneider Electric (China) jointly announced on April 26th that 18,000 Schneider products’ data have been entered into JD’s “Mercator” product standardization database for industrial parts and equipment.

“Compared with the traditional sales channels that focus on matchmaking, our collaboration with JD Industrial Supply has extended to the field of co-creating product standardization that does not only support product procurement, but also takes the channel management work and customer service to the next level, giving our brands greater room of imagination for future development,” said a spokesperson of Schneider Electric.

Now Schneider’s “data dictionary” of electrical and automation products in JD’s “Mercator” database has 18,000 product data items from 150 categories and 241 product series covering low and medium-voltage distribution, power supply, refrigeration equipment and more.

Schneider Electric products listed in JD Industrial Supply

The “Mercator” product standardization database, powered by JD’s big data and AI technologies and incorporating expertise from leading brands of the industry, mapped a knowledge graph of industrial supplies through massive data cleaning and knowledge extraction. Founded in September 2020, the database aims to offer a comprehensive system where industrial products can be uniformly standardized and classified, so as to solve the bottleneck issue of lack of consistency and completeness of product information that has been dragging down the whole industry’s digitalization progress.

Enterprise procurers for Schneider’s products can easily define the product parameters in the database with a few clicks, and the system will return with precise product recommendations in no time. Take one energy project bidding event this year for example. It took merely three hours for JD Industrial Supply to finish the sourcing work of 8,000 Schneider products, which demonstrated significant efficiency improvement of resource allocation for large industrial projects.

At the same time, Schneider is benefiting from the database through being able to manage its numerous suppliers and their goods flow. Suppliers only need to tick the boxes in the system to generate pre-set product codes and specifications, and Schneider can always have a clear picture on the whole sales process from sellers to buyers and detailed sales data in multiple dimensions.

“JD Industrial Supply is committed to providing digital and intelligent service for this industry with a special focus on optimizing the composite cost of supply chain and overall service efficiency,” said Wei Wang, general manager of the product and technology department of JD Industrial Supply. “In the future, we hope to replicate this collaboration model with more brand partners, creating greater value for more enterprises by leveraging our supply chain technology and service capabilities.”

In 2021, JD helped Schneider achieve 66 percent sales growth on this platform, which has become one of the latter’s fastest-growing digital channels in the country.