May 21, 2021|

JD Provides Delivery in Minutes in Over 200 Cities


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Logistics announced to offer its Delivery in Minutes service in over 200 cities during this year’s JD 618 Grand Promotion. The company will also leverage its strong technology abilities to support marketplace merchants to measure the biggest mid-year shopping festival in the world. The announcement was made at the kick-off event of 618 Grand Promotion held on May 20 in Beijing.

The swift delivery service relies on JD Logistics’ advanced technology. Through algorithms and supply chain planning, orders will be prepared and placed in JD’s front warehouses and delivery stations nearest to consumers. It is expected millions of SKUs (stock-keeping-units) covering almost all medium-sized product categories will be placed in advance and nearly half of JD’s delivery stations nationwide will participate to enable instant delivery.

JD Logistics will provide integrated services including big data, network optimization, intelligent forecasting and replenishment to help raise efficiency and lower costs through digitalized smart decisions.

This 618, JD Logistics will be operating over 1,000 warehouses in China. According to’s Q1 earnings, the company further lowered its inventory turnover days to a world-leading 31.2 days and delivered 90% of retail orders in 24 hours, thanks to advanced automation technologies.

From warehousing and sorting, to transportation and delivery, JD Logistics’ technology will play an important role in swift delivery to customers and securing stable operations for merchants and brands.